Currywurst catering

Rooftop Parties


Celebrate sky high and enjoy our currywurst catering especially optimized for rooftop parties. Our currywurst station is characterized by its light weight, mobility and space-saving size, so we can help you host your party in style on any rooftop terrace.

Lightweight and mobile

Our currywurst station is a true lightweight and stands on wheels, which makes it easy to set up on your rooftop terrace. Even in the tightest spaces we can move and provide for the culinary well-being of your guests.

Space saving and versatile

With a width of only 90 cm when folded, our station fits easily into any elevator. This compact size opens up the possibility for you to no longer have to decide between rooftop party or currywurst catering. Whether as a live cooking station for our delicious Original Berlin Currywurst or as a serving station for our delicious currywurst in a jar - we adapt to your needs.

Variety for every taste

Whether you are a meat lover or you and your guests want to eat meatless, with us you will always find the right option. We offer our currywurst in a jar as a vegan option in addition to the classic version. Both are cooked, cut, and carefully packaged by hand to ensure the highest quality and taste. In addition, our catering also offers delicious side dishes such as Berlin potato salad and fresh buns.

Rooftop parties are special and we want to help you to make your event unforgettable. With our high-quality currywurst catering and convenient setup, we will make your party a highlight that your guests will remember for a long time.

Contact us today to schedule your currywurst catering for your rooftop party. We look forward to working with you and to create an unique and delicious event for your guests.

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