Freiheit schmeckt – IN TASTE WE UNITE

🍅 Ketchup for FREEdom

We want to make a clear statement against hate! Furthermore, we want to emphasize the values that unite us all: Freedom, democracy and the joy of diversity. Under the slogan "Freiheit Schmeckt" (eng. "In taste we unite"), we are giving away 8181 bottles of our popular ketchup to everyone who wants to join us in the stand against hate.

This is how it works:

  1. Visit us: Come to one of the five CURRY WOLF locations in Berlin and Potsdam.
  2. Say the slogan: "Freiheit Schmeckt" (eng. "In taste we unite") is your pass to a free bottle of ketchup.
  3. Take a stand: Share your experience and your statement with #FreiheitSchmeckt on your social media profiles.


CURRY WOLF stands for democracy, diversity and freedom.🇩🇪

At CURRY WOLF, it's not just about satisfying hunger. Every day CURRY WOLF brings together people from different cultures and languages who all have one thing in common: the love for Original Berliner Currywurst. From tourists who are in Berlin for the first time and want to experience the authentic Berlin snack to locals - everyone is welcome at CURRY WOLF. Always. This applies for everyone in front of and behind the counter.

CURRY WOLF Currywurst

Together We Are Stronger

Share your support for democracy, diversity and freedom with our special sharepics on your favorite social media platform. Show that you stand behind these values and that you're part of the movement. Use the sharepics to set an example against hate and for a colorful coexistence. Don't forget to use the hashtag #FreiheitSchmeckt in your posts so that your voice becomes part of our common message. Together we can show that freedom unites us all and we are in fact united in taste.



Who is eligible to take part?

Everyone who stands for democracy, freedom and diversity and identifies with our slogan "Freiheit schmeckt" (eng. "In taste we unite").

How long does does the campaign run?

Until all 8181 bottles of ketchup have been distributed or until May 8, 2024.

Can I get more than one bottle of ketchup?

To enable as many people as possible to take part, one bottle per person is intended.

What should I do with my ketchup?

Enjoy it! And show your support for democracy and freedom on social media with #FreiheitSchmeckt.

Why 8181 bottles?

The right-wing extremists uses numerous codes and cover names. One of these is "88", which refers to the eighth letter of the alphabet and therefore means "Heil Hitler". We think: Laughter ("8181" for "HAHA") is always better than hate.


CURRY WOLF is more than just ketchup (or currywurst). We stand for taste, fun, quality and togetherness that is colorful and diverse. With this campaign, we want to set an example for the values that are indispensable in our society: Freedom, tolerance and unity.