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Currywurst-Catering mit Currywurst im Glas

Our currywurst catering is the perfect solution for your indoor events! We are proud to offer you an uncomplicated and delicious catering for your special occasions that will delight both currywurst lovers and vegans alike.

Uncomplicated and odorless

Our catering for indoor events is characterized by its very uncomplicated nature. Our Original Berliner Currywurst is available for indoor events in a high-quality swing-top jar. This way, there is no intrusive or unpleasant smell caused by the cooking of the currywurst and of course, there are no long waiting times. If you would like to, we pick up all equipment and glasses after the event, so no garbage remains.

We're focused on sustainability

It is important to us to make our currywurst catering as sustainable as possible. Therefore, the swing-top jars in which we offer our currywurst are reusable. Unless you want to keep the jars, we will pick them up after the event. This means no waste and a smaller ecological footprint - so the currywurst tastes twice as good!

Flexible solution for lengthy events

Our currywurst in a jar is always warm and delicious, even at longer events. The included thermo boxes keep the glasses warm for a long time, so you and your guests can still enjoy our first-class taste and the warm Berlin street food classic up to 4 hours after heating.

Variety for every taste

Whether you are a meat lover or you and your guests want to eat meatless, with us you will always find the right option. In addition to the classic version we offer our currywurst in a jar as a vegan option as well. Both are cooked, cut, and carefully packaged by hand to ensure the highest quality and taste. In addition, our catering also offers delicious side dishes such as Berlin potato salad and fresh buns.

Let us take care of your catering and make your indoor event an unforgettable experience with our delicious currywurst catering.

Contact us today to make your booking and provide your guests with a delicious culinary highlight.

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