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Discover our versatile currywurst catering offer for outdoor events which is mobile, flexible and adaptable. Our service adapts to your needs and provides your guests with delicious berlin food. Whether at a construction site, factory hall or backyard - no matter how unusual the location, we are happy to contribute to the success of your event with our catering.

Mobile and space saving

Our currywurst station is mobile and flexible. It fits through narrow passages and takes up little floor space, but allows the preparation of large quantities of original Berlin currywurst. This combination of mobility and efficiency makes our currywurst catering in Berlin unique and perfect for outdoor events of any kind.

Diversity that inspires

For us, variety is only natural. In our currywurst catering, we offer not only the classic original Berlin currywurst, but also a vegan version as well as one with poultry meat for all guests who would like to pass on pork. No matter how different the preferences and tastes are - currywurst unites and we make sure that there is something for everyone to satisfy the appetite of all your guests.

Would you like a little more?

Our catering service goes beyond currywurst. To make your event extra special, we are happy to serve chilled and refreshing soft drinks, wine, beer and prosecco, as well as champagne, which is of course available at every venue. So you can treat your guests with a touch of luxury, no matter where you are celebrating.

We understand that outdoor events often present unique challenges, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice top-notch catering. Our currywurst is the perfect addition to your outdoor event, and we're ready to make sure it will be unforgettable.

Contact us today to plan your outdoor catering and provide your guests with a culinary experience they will love.

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