Currywurst catering

Store Opening

Currywurst-Catering zum Store-Opening

We understand the importance of a successful store opening and therefore we offer you the perfect combination of taste, variety and first-class service with our catering. Make your store opening an unforgettable event with our first-class currywurst catering.

Uncomplicated and odorless

Our catering service for your store opening is characterized by its very uncomplicated nature. We serve our Original Berliner Currywurst at store openings in high-quality swing-top jars. This way, there is no intrusive or unpleasant smell caused by the cooking of the currywurst. This way there are no long waits and no time-consuming cleanup. We ensure a smooth experience so you can fully focus on your guests.

Mobile and space saving

Our currywurst station is mobile and flexible. It fits through narrow passages and takes up very little floor space. With a width of only 90 cm when folded, our station also fits easily into any elevator. This combination of mobility and efficiency makes our currywurst catering in Berlin unique and perfect for your store opening.

Flexible solution for lengthy events

Our currywurst in a jar is always warm and delicious, even at longer events. The included thermo boxes keep the glasses warm for a long time, so you and your guests can still enjoy our first-class taste and the warm Berlin street food classic up to 4 hours after heating.

Variety for every taste

Whether you are a meat lover or you and your guests want to eat meatless, with us you will always find the right option. In addition to the classic version we offer our currywurst in a jar as a vegan option as well. Both are cooked, cut, and carefully packaged by hand to ensure the highest quality and taste. In addition, our catering also offers delicious side dishes such as Berlin potato salad and fresh buns.

We're looking forward to make your store opening an unforgettable event.

Contact us today to schedule your currywurst catering for your store opening and ensure that your guests will be delighted not only with your products, but also with Original Berliner Currywurst.

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